National Center for Higher Education Management Systems (NCHEMS)

Before joining CU-Boulder, I served as lead writer/editor at a national think tank and consulting organization focused on higher education.  At NCHEMS, I collaborated with senior staff on planning, developing, and executing major research and consulting projects on higher-education management, strategic planning, and education policy.  I wrote or edited reports, articles, monographs, newsletters, and books intended for researchers, administrators, or the general public, and wrote and edited grant proposals.

Research Opportunities for Undergraduates (REUs)

Designed to advance the professional development of high achieving juniors and seniors, REU programs help introduce students to advanced research in their fields and serve as a bridge to graduate programs.  I have consulted on and implemented programs on writing and communication for several REUs.  The NSF-funded REUs I have been involved with all have focused on underrepresented students:

  • SOARS at NCAR:  Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science (SOARS) at the University Consortium for Atmospheric Sciences (UCAR)/National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Boulder, CO 

  • RESESS at UNAVCO:  Research Experiences in Solid Earth Sciences for Students (RESESS) at UNAVCO (a non-profit university-governed consortium that facilitates geoscience research and education using Geodesy), Boulder, CO. 

Organizational Communication

I have consulted and lead workshops for various organizations and companies.  My focus is on helping scientists and engineers communicate more effectively, both within the organization and with clients and stakeholders.  My consulting experience includes work for:

  • US West Communications (now Qwest)

  • Blue Summit

  • Quest Integrity

Expert Witness in Legal Cases

I have served as an expert witness on legal cases (either developing documents for lawyers or testifying at trial), where my experience in rhetoric and close textual analysis is a valued asset.  Many of the cases I have worked on have involved wording and page design in debt collection documents that mislead consumers.